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Clinical Intake Coordinator


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Founded in 2011, Well Clinic is an integrative mental health clinic located in San Francisco, offering therapy and psychiatry to individuals, couples, and families.

Our mission is to remove the barriers to mental health services by finding the right therapeutic fit and schedule through our matching process. We provide business and training supports to our clinicians so they can do their best work in a community of colleagues.

Worker-Owned Cooperative

Well Clinic is currently converting from private ownership to become the first mental health worker-owned cooperative in the United States.

We believe clinicians, the actual experts in the field, should have ownership over the practice of psychotherapy not a third party. This ensures greater quality of care, more affordable services, and the ability to create wealth for workers instead of corporate owners.

This unprecedented transition inspired Rutgers University to engage Well Clinic for a case study on worker-owned cooperatives in the healthcare space.

Learn more here.

Clinical Intake Coordinator (Full Time)


We are looking for a passionate empath to join our team of therapists in training at a dynamic, social justice-oriented psychotherapy practice. In this role, you would be the first representative of Well Clinic to speak with prospective clients regarding our services and help them to determine if we can meet their mental health needs.

You would also be responsible for taking protected information from the clients and utilizing what is shared with you to pair the client with their ideal fit in a clinician. To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to Mel Kolby, Office Manager [email protected] .


  • Acting as the first point of contact with prospective clients regarding our complete range of services, helping them to determine if we are the right fit for their needs and if they are a fit for our clinic
  • Tracking and documenting all inquiries and interactions from and with prospective and current clients
  • Determining and providing suitable referrals for anyone inquiring to us when Well Clinic cannot provide the level of care or services they seek
  • Conduct intake sessions with new clients, transcribing verbatim, gathering mental health information and utilizing what is shared to determine the kind of theoretical modalities/ approaches which would best suit the client, leaning in when necessary to gather more information around specific situations
  • Navigate the schedules of all clinicians at Well Clinic to book prospective and current clients’ appointments
  • Openly discussing any feedback, clinical or otherwise, to peers and supervisors in a timely manner



  • Must have completed bachelor’s degree or higher for psychology related field
  • Must have proficient typing and administrative skills; familiarity with G-Suite (Hangouts, Gmail, Sheets, Forms, etc), customer relationship management software, electronic health record systems a plus
  • Preparedness to empathize with prospective and current clients while maintaining the defined boundaries of the Intake Coordinator position
  • Capacity to multi-task and pick up tasks where you or another colleague left off
  • Ongoing commitment to your own therapy, personal reflection and growth
  • Ability to take and integrate feedback and work collaboratively
  • Excellent professional and social communication prowess



  • Compensation commensurate with experience, starting minimum $23 /hourly with PTO, non-exempt employee
  • Health insurance coverage optional, does not include dental or vision coverage
  • Position requires availability for business hours, for 40 hours per week (8 hours per shift per day)
  • Partial telecommuting is okay – we are looking for someone to work at least 3 days/week in our San Francisco office


To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to our Office Manager via email or the form below.

Mel Kolby
[email protected]


Well Clinic partners with companies in our community to enrich the well being of their staff.



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