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Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for people to have a job, while studying at the same time. These people either work to pay for their tuition or they’re trying to get enough work experience before they are done with school or college. Either way, tackling both endeavors at once creates a whole new set of challenges that often reflect on one’s mental well-being.

Then again, it all depends on the nature of the job and studies. If you look at people who learn about nursing through an ABSN, for instance, and work as nurses at the same time, managing both their jobs and their academia is definitely not an easy task.

After all, working as a nurse isn’t your typical 9-5 job, to put it mildly. Nevertheless, many people manage this and they manage it effectively. Somehow, you have to find the energy and will to endure regardless of the challenges that come before you.

Of course, no one said it would be easy. Both the job and the studies require full-time commitment, so it’s rather difficult for people to part two ways and manage everything accordingly without feeling the weight of it all, especially on their mental health. Still, many people are driven to succeed despite the obstacles.

It may require a lot more effort, dedication and perhaps some personal sacrifices but it can be done. After all, hitting two birds with one stone saves you the time in the long run. So with that in mind, let’s have a closer at why managing work and studies is such a strain on your mental health, to begin with.

Work and studies demand your attention equally

It’s no secret that both a job and studies demand your full attention. If you want to succeed you have to commit to both equally. However, realistically speaking, you can only truly commit to one endeavor at the time.

Otherwise, you might strain yourself beyond your limits and end up with a serious physical and mental burnout. So the key to dividing your attention between work and studies requires a lot of organizing, prioritizing and effective time management. Fortunately, modern technology is of great assistance in such cases. In other words, you can attend your job, while studying online to better manage both activities.

Online courses and educational programs are better tailored to people who have a part or full-time job. This allows you to study at your own pace while continuing to maintain your job. If you only eliminate classroom attendance from the equation, thing become much more manageable down the line.

Physical vs. mental exhaustion

While working and studying at the same time, you’ll like experience both physical and mental exhaustion. While fatigue and sore muscles from physical work can be tended to with rest and sleep, mental fatigue is a bit more difficult to overcome.

Mental exhaustion keeps you out of focus and you’re more likely to make a mistake. However, the only way to rest mentally is to disengage from everything and spend some quality “me” time. Of course, when you work and study, you may not be able to afford such a luxury.

But you nonetheless have to, otherwise you will start lacking on both ends. So whenever it’s possible, try to find some time for yourself. Even regular meditation session can help you relax your mind and renew your willpower to keep going forward. If that doesn’t turn out right, you can always seek therapy and let a medical professional help you out.

Managing time, stress and responsibilities

Managing time, stress and responsibilities can truly be a daunting task. Working and studying is difficult enough on its own and stress is bound to build up eventually. How you manage to overcome that will determine if you’ll succeed or not. One mistake people make is to push themselves beyond their limits.

The fact of the matter is that you accomplish nothing by doing so. Instead, try to recognize the signs that your stress is becoming overwhelming so that you can step away for a moment and catch your breath. Taking a one step back is far better than failing completely so if you need to take a break from everything, don’t hesitate to do so.

Staying on top of things despite difficulties

Managing both work and studies is quite difficult, as mentioned before. However, it’s not impossible, provided you have the right attitude and mindset to prevail. The most important thing you can do is be realistic about everything.

Yes, you will face numerous challenges along the way but you can also overcome those challenges if you plan things out accordingly. Therefore, try to always look at the bright side and remain organized so that difficulties don’t become overwhelming.

You can work and study effectively at the same time as long as find a way that woks best for you. If you notice any signs of stress buildup and mental exhaustion, don’t let it get out of hand and find a way to resolve the problem effectively.


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