Online Therapy in the San Francisco Bay Area and California

The work of being human is hard.

It takes many forms for all of us, but no one escapes pain, loneliness, confusion, and chaos. There are seasons of these experiences, as well as fulfilling and joyful ones.

I am interested in bringing fierce curiosity to your experience and what these moments look like and mean. I am my authentic self in the session and seek nervous system regulation as the starting point for healing.

In my practice our relationship is central to the work we do.

After a decade of leading a company as CEO I am very aligned with other leaders and undoing the loneliness experienced by these roles. I have training in couples therapy that I also bring into cofounder and co-worker dynamics.

Pressure, anxiety, and “impostor’s syndrome” are phenomena I work with constantly with my clients who are in these roles.

Maya Johansson, LMFT

I have extensive training in AEDP, created by Dr. Diana Fosha, which combines attachment theory, somatic work through the body, and uses the most current neuroscientific research to demonstrate the healing power inherent in emotion and intimacy.

I work with single individuals, parents, co-parenting, couples and other relationship configurations. Leadership and business responsibilities, especially for under-represented folks. Anti-racism, justice, and critical thinking. Compassion for ourselves and each other, safety, curiosity. These are a few of my favorite things.

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