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Get out of the office and create a more cohesive leadership team

As a leader, it’s often helpful to get away from the office and reflect on your team dynamics. A successful executive off-site program can help align teammates around a focused vision.

Well Clinic’s licensed and professional executive coaches can help you plan and execute a successful executive off-site meeting to recharge your managerial batteries and establish clear goals and tactics.

How Does Executive Off-Site Design Work?

At Well Clinic, our off-site design process combines our extensive experience with the specific needs of your group, organization or company.

Our highly-trained and licensed professionals will design team building exercises that directly address the interpersonal relationships of your team.

A series of customized workshops will focus on topics that directly affect your organization. These may include communication, giving and receiving feedback, conflict resolution, diversity and inclusion.

Does My Team Need Executive Off-Site Design?

All executives and leaders can benefit from a successful off-site meeting. Some of the many benefits include:

  • Providing managers time to concentrate on something other than their to-do list
  • Ensuring that all leaders and managers have received the same training
  • Developing strategies and tactics for best utilizing your workforce
  • Initiating 360° Leadership Assessments
  • Improving team dynamics
  • Solving immediate crises
  • Learning from each other
  • Executive coaching sessions
  • Building relationships and understanding how to best work together



  • I have to admit that I was initially quite skeptical about the value of an executive coach, but my co-founder and I have seen our relationship and individual leadership skills grow a lot since we started.


  • Every startup CEO should spend at least a month with these people.

    SAM O

  • Cameron has a unique ability to see the trade-off involved in any business decision, make a clear recommendation and point you to additional resources when needed.



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